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What my customers say

I’ll let my customers speak for me; here is a recent testimonial that says exactly what I do, via my associated energy brokers :

“Being in the leisure industry electricity costs some months are overwhelming. Our electricity bills were getting higher. Power Solutions were the best telephone call I received that day, normally we get lots of companies cold calling us and generally I end up putting the phone down!

However speaking to Adam at Power Solutions he just sounded genuine.

They initially sent me out some forms for us to fill in, after doing so within 6 – 7 weeks later we were exempt from paying the higher 20% VAT that got reduced down to the lower domestic rate of 5%, they also got the CCL levy charge completely quashed. We received a cheque from each of our utility suppliers for VAT and CCL paid in error amounting over the last 3 years, we also were at the end of our contracts and they managed to get us lower rates than previously.

I can’t thank Power Solutions enough for their genuine support and would recommend them to anyone, without them I genuinely wouldn’t know where to begin looking”


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