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Welcome to leisure park energy 

Adam Beckett owner at Leisure Park Energy

I’m Adam Beckett, an independent energy consultant offering cost and carbon reduction for Holiday Park bulk LPG, electricity, natural gas, water and waste.

I have extensive industry connections within the park industry and with suppliers offering bespoke solutions; my goal is to save time and add value at every opportunity for park Directors and our industry partners.

Please watch this video where my assistant Derren explains the full scope of services offered

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Climate Change Levy Exemption

An £8500 tip : CCL exemption

This little know ruling from HMRC means parks are levy exempt for bulk tank lpg, electricity and natural gas. It is possible to claim retrospective exemption, plus your park can be levy exempt every moving forward adding up to a significant cash sum over time.

Customer reviews

“Hi Adam, just to let you know that we have successfully claimed back £1743.52 from Eon and £2652.71 from British Gas. We have therefore had a refund of £4396.29. Thank you for your article and of course it is better in our pocket than theirs!”  Bob Ashton Trekenning Tourist park Cornwall  

“I have just been speaking to Mike at British Gas, our refund has been sorted and is just over £9000 which is great news!!! Many Thanks”  Andrea  Sandy Beaches Holiday Village

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Best UK holiday park investment of 2016 : energy strategy

Hear my tips for the best uk holiday park investment of 2016.

Top three recommendations for where to invest this year for best return. Often overlooked and potentially costly park energy and water infrastructure problems rectified by technology for high ROI.

Originally intended to be a three minute overview, this ten minute podcast reveals how much money your holiday park business could haemorrhage through wastage. Essential listening for proactive FDs, MDs and investors in holiday parks.

Contact Adam Beckett on 0800 0836698 for more information.