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leisure park energyWelcome.

My business, Leisure Park Energy is a specialised energy service for UK Holiday Parks.

Over the years I’ve helped UK Park Managers drive down their energy supply overheads and also helped with free tips on little known energy tax refunds, which have proved profitable .

My most popular free tip has been shown to average £8500 return for minimal time invested .

For more tips please subscribe using the form below to watch my one minute video which describes the total benefits , whether you are a holiday park business, consultant or service provider .

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Electricity Supply Contracts : Get a Free Price Comparison

Electricity supply contract : how to leverage buying power for electricity

How it works : Your Holiday Park receives a free price comparison report to make sense of confusing pricing structures from a best choice of over twenty reputable suppliers – saving both your time obtaining multiple quotations and reducing the actual cost of your electricity supply contracts. Then use the quoted prices as leverage for your own direct energy supplier negotiations, then compare and choose either a direct contract or a contract from Leisure Park Energy ( this comes with bonus backup and full support from LPE )

In short it is impossible to lose.

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