Climate Change Levy Exemption

An £8501 tip : Climate Change Levy Exemption

For years I have helped holiday park business managers unearth substantial energy tax savings worth on average £8501 with a £2125 benefit year on year.

click here to read the free ccl exemption guide > I believe that I’ve campaigned harder than anyone else in terms of raising awareness of this valuable reclaim amongst the Holiday Park community over the years. Everything you do (in theory) comes back to you. Below you can read the sort of feedback I regularly receive :

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ccl exemption alert

exclaimationccl exemption for caravan parks is small goldmine.

whilst this has been mentioned once before in part one, it bears repeating; if you have not already claimed ccl exemption for your caravan park on electricity, gas and bulk lpg supplies you are most definitely missing out on free income.

Too good to be true?

Not at all.

It is easy to claim a refund for climate change levy resulting in a four year retrospective refund averaging £8501. What’s more moving forwards the value of ccl exemption is £2125 year on year. And that’s just on electricity.


Other factors

Once you’ve claimed ccl exemption , you need to renew that claim every five years, otherwise the benefit is lost. You also need to submit a PP10 form to HMRC post claim.

Valuable tips like this only come from years of experience in the field; whilst it is easy to claim yourself at no cost, you may wish to invest your time elsewhere. I offer a processing service which carefully applies for reasonable refunds and offers free ccl exemption alerts for when it is time to renew.

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